Monday, January 3, 2011

78 and sunny!

Note: this is Ann with all of her plastic baggies at the airport (after we nearly missed our flight)!

Roman reminded me with his comment that it is a cold and blustery 10 degrees in MN (actually probably warm for MN in January) so I thought I would let you all know that it is a gorgeous 65-83 degrees here EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND.

Not much of an update since yesterday, but I'll fill all of you waiting in anticipation for the next post :) in on today's events, then try to add a few pictures.

Today we spent most of the day at the Kasubi Hope Medical Clinic, meeting with staff and learning more about processes and the market. It was really inspiring to hear about how passionate the staff are about the mission of the organization and we spent much of the evening brainstorming how we can incorporate their spirit to help the organization grow.

This is Candy's house where we are so blessed to stay during our trip. Gorgeous!

Candy treated us to a wonderful dinner tonight at a nice restaurant near the American Embassy. I have found that pork and fish here are good everywhere. I had pork in a pickle sauce- which I loved (but was thinking of the face my mother would make the whole time, knowing I ordered her least favorite food!). It was delicious. We are starting to plan our weekend excursion - we are going to a National Park and on a safari for a few days- hooray!

Well shoot, I can't get the pictures to add very fast into the post, so I will upload them on facebook- here is the link (for you, Dad:)

Hope all is well!

kale nenze (bye in Luganda, the tribal language of Candy and Olivia's tribe)

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  1. What a beautiful house!! I love reading your posts and am saying many prayers! Love you Kelsey!!!