Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dinner with the Yigas

Thursday we worked all day (on the porch, of course). Sean and I are both big whiteboard-people, but we made do with lots of post-it-notes stuck to posts, as we tried to sort out all of the information we have learned in the past week. An interesting staffing issue also came up at the clinic, which we think is a symptom of some HR opportunities for improvement that we started to identify. Maybe that HR stuff that Lauren Wilson loves so much and I had to force myself to study last fall is actually legit:)

For dinner, Joseph Yiga and his wonderful family had us over for a delicious dinner. Joseph and his wife are good friends with Candy and her family. They have 12 fabulous children, most of whom were at the house when we came over. Two of their daughters currently go to school in Iowa: one at Iowa and one at Iowa State. We had great wine, great food, and fabulous conversation. Like I said before, the learning here is constant! The family systems are so strong, it is no surprise that the divorce rate is virtually zero! Get with it, United States!

One of the most fun things for Sean was playing soccer (football) with Joseph's 3 youngest boys. When we were first planning the project in March, Sean told me he was going to bring tennis shoes so he could play soccer with any little kids he met. He got his chance Thursday and had a ball - even though he should have opted for wearing his new Uganda soccer jersey!

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