Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jinja: The Source of the Nile

After returning from our Safari, we spent a few days at the Kasubi and Ndejje clinics (see next post for pics and more info on the work we have been doing) and then took a day-trip to Jinja. This town is about an hour north of Kampala and is where the Nile starts, flows through Murchison falls (where we went on the safari) and then all the way to Egypt. Who knew that the Nile flows from South to North? I sure didn't remember that little factoid from 5th grade geography!

My friend Morgan highly recommended using Adrift, one of many outfitters for whitewater rafting, adventure sports, etc. along the Nile. They picked us up in Kampala early Wed. AM and we rode with new friends from Estonia, Russia, Kenya, and Norway to the Adrift base-camp. Nearly everyone we met who was traveling in Uganda was in Africa doing either missionary or volunteer work, which made for great conversation and more learning!

I talked Sean into joining me in bungee jumping, and Kristoffer and his brother, Ola, from Norway opted for the bungee and whitewater combo as well.

I decided to go first and did not look down at all before jumping out like I was doing a big belly-flop, then flying downward, and finally feeling the bungee stretch as I came close to the water. It was such an incredible feeling- not scary at all - and no stomach lurch, like I thought it would be. Though I am excited to cross it off my 'bucket list' I will do it again at the next chance I get!

After the four of us jumped, all 15 people rafting that day got our gear (helmets, life-jackets, and oars) and were divided into 2 rafts and given our marching orders. I had no idea how intense this rafting would be. To keep it brief, we completely flipped and lost everyone 3 times, I was bumped off a total of 5 times, and I would rate the rafting as three times more terrifying than bungee jumping. It was a blast, but terrifying!

The day ended with a BBQ and bus ride back to Kampala. Sean, Olivia, and I ended up meeting up with our Norweigan friends and their host, Jimmy, in Kabalagala for a fun night with new friends.

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