Monday, January 17, 2011

Clinic Work

When we weren't "testing God" as our host, Charles, would say with our daredevil stunts, we working at the clinic locations or from Candy's house (as transportation is kind of a nightmare during the work day).

Throughout our two weeks, we spent quite a few days at the Kasubi clinic, and one day at the rural Ndejje clinic. We conducted 1 on 1 interviews with staff and led a marathon brainstorm at the Kasubi clinic. There were so many cultural implications on the way the clinics operate, that I felt the time we spent with families and going around Kampala was extremely useful to any recommendations we could make.
Here are some pictures of the clinics:

The Kasubi Clinic
Interesting side-note: The very nice facilities give some community-members the perception that the clinic is very expensive (when it is actually priced more affordably than competitors). The other misperception is people see Americans at the clinics fairly often (many people from St. Thomas and Minnesota have visited) and they associate Americans with charity, so they think services will be free. These are just some of the barriers the clinic has to overcome in order to bring clients in the door.

Me and kids outside the clinic... rounding up potential patients:)
Ann, Bruhani, Vincent, Daphine, Rita, and Sean

Marathon brain-storming session. People must have a lot to say if they will discuss ideas and opportunities for over 4 hours!
We concluded our time in Uganda by compiling a situation analysis of all aspects of the clinic & the environment in which it operates. We narrowed down to 4 areas of recommendation, and promised a lot of deliverables we now need to create!

Kudos to Charles and his staff for their great work. After visiting the free government clinic and a private clinic in the area, we truly understood the need for Hope Medical Clinics Uganda & hope we can help them continue to provide their services and expand to improve healthcare standards across Uganda!

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